National Public Health Week

"Start small, think big!"

Make just one positive health change today. Maybe eat one more fruit or vegetable, take the stairs or schedule a checkup with your doctor. Make another positive change tomorrow and the next day. Before you know it, you’ll have made significant progress toward a healthier you and a healthier community.

  • Wash Hands & Cover Coughs and Sneezes
  • Increase Physical Activity
  • Keep Vaccinations up-to-date
  • Stay Tobacco Free
  • Eat Healthy

Health Facts

  • Almost 900,000 people die from deaths that can be prevented each year.
  • Nearly 34% of all adults are obese.
  • The average child gets less than 15 minutes of vigorous activity a day.
  • Nearly 21 percent of all adults smoke cigarettes.
  • Many children consume half their daily calories while at school.
  • For the first time, American children may live shorter lives than their parents.

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