toothache Well I guess I should be offended, but I grew up with a great dentist and I always had an easy visit – even when I got a filling.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey about doing your taxes: given the choice, 40% say filing out income tax paperwork is worse than going to the dentist. Forty-one percent (41%) view going to the dentist as worse.

I hope that visits in my office are FAR better than this, and if there is anything we can do to make your dental visits better please let me know.

There are times I hear people say “I hate the dentist”, and when I ask them if they actually liked their dentist most often they did. What they usually are referring to is everything surrounding a dental office experience, not so much their dentist personally. I certainly work to make sure you are comfortable and treat you as if I’m the patient, everything from the reception desk to paying your bill.

For those who truly have “issues”, a couple suggestions:

  • people who have not had a dental visit in years because of anxiety and really won’t go unless they are asleep – I have a referral for a dentist I’ve known a long time who does every procedure with general anesthesia,
  • people who are always a bit anxious, but tend to go less often do well to consider a mild anti-anxiety prescription AND rather than go less, go more often – at least every three or four months (much easier cleaning, catch problems in an early and small stage); in addition, be an absolute maniac about cleaning your teeth to reduce risk for cavities or gum problems (dry brush, floss every time you brush, rinse with salt water daily).
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