The xylitol gum I’ve recommended for many years, Xylimax, is no longer available. In it’s place you can now get a comparable gum, Xponent gum from

 In addition, the xylitol mints, Smints, have been discontinued, and a Fragmints from are a great replacement.

Xylitol is a naturally derived sweetener that does not cause cavities. Bacteria grow on other widely used sugar alternatives used by manufacturers, such as sorbitol and mannitol. You’ll notice that the commonly available “sugarless” products never say cavity-free. They’re sugarless because they don’t contain sucrose (sugar).

I’ve updated the links on for the gum and mints throughout my site.

Recently a patient asked my about the cavity-free xylitol gum I recommend, and in checking the link on my website I was amazed to find the link was down. The company that imported the gum from Finland is apparently no longer in business, and in fact the Finnish manufacturer was acquired by another larger confectionery company in 2008.

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