Sugarless does not mean cavity-free – usually. Most ‘sugarless’ products contain sorbitol and mannitol, sweeteners that bacteria can still grow on. But …

Xylitol is a cavity-free sweetener, and delicious candies are now available made with xylitol. That’s right. You can treat your loved one or teacher or friends – or yourself – to some tasty chocolates and not worry about your teeth in the process. Dr. John’s Candies, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, makes it possible to have a box of creamy chocolates that not only taste great, but are also a sugar-free healthy treat.

More about xylitol, click here.

Xylitol is perfectly safe for humans, but not for dogs. Did you know that grapes, raisins, onions and garlic are also harmful to dogs? See the ASPCA Poison Control Center info, click here.


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