Updated thinking about fever in children’s illnesses was in the news recently. Fever is fairly common in children, and not all fevers are bad.

Longstanding belief, and even parental instinct, may compel you to fight your child’s fever to ease the persistent crying and discomfort. But most experts say not to worry so much about treating your child’s fever. In fact, they say, for children older than six months old, having a fever may be a good thing.

To see the original ABC News article, click here (for the video, click here).

For more about fever (definition, considerations, causes, home care, when to contact a medical professional, what to expect at your office visit, alternative names) from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, click here.

FYI, it is not uncommon to notice a slight elevation in temperature when children are teething, although research does not find any outright fever caused by teething.


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