my philosophyI’d like to help you become as healthy as you want to be. I want to help you learn to take care of yourself so that you don’t have cavities or gum problems, and when things are fixed, they are done so with comfort, esthetics, and permanence.

  • I work with one person at a time.
  • I believe that dentistry should always be done comfortably.
    If something can’t be done comfortably, it shouldn’t be done now, other options are available.
  • I allow enough time to listen to your concerns.
    When asked what people want most in their doctors, the request frequently is for someone to listen, and to take the time to listen.
  • I am committed to prevention, which means being committed to client education.
    It is difficult to become healthy in the absence of knowledge. I can teach you to take care of yourself, because only you can truly keep yourself healthy.
  • I believe all dentistry is cosmetic.
    It is difficult to imagine that anyone would ask for a something that didn’t look great. I don’t use silver fillings today, and haven’t since 1986. In my own mouth I can see every tooth, and I want them to all look great for me, even if nobody else ever does. I just can’t restore teeth that function superbly, yet lack the esthetics we all want.
  • I believe that more than just teeth are affected from the results of dental treatment.
    Self-esteem is enhanced, values about health and wellness are clarified, and commitment for personal involvement and responsibility are realized.
  • I believe dentistry exists on many levels.
    Those which are preventive and enhancing are of a higher order and are to be preferred over those which are merely curative of a disease process, corrective or remedial.
  • I believe that the quality of the experience you have in the office will have lasting effects on your dental health and your overall attitudes toward health care.
    This applies equally to children and adults. Many people have been significantly affected for life because of the attitudes a practitioner or staff member demonstrated.
  • The care, skill, and judgment I provide are the essence of my service.
    I know that at the very least you expect the treatment to be high quality and that I take adequate time to care for you appropriately.
  • I recognize the importance of a free-flow of information as vital to successful relationships.
    Therefore, I inform you with progress reports, and encourage feedback and questions.
  • I believe the optimum health care service is individualized and flexible.
    In order to provide the best health care for you, I seek to bring ingenuity and creativity to the delivery of my services.
  • I believe that most dental diseases are preventable and closely related to an individual’s lifestyle.
    I do not treat the effects of the disease without attention to the causes.
  • I like to practice the “Golden Rule” in all my relationships.
    I recommend the treatment I would want for myself and my family, and help you to feel like a welcome friend in the office.
  • I believe my role is to help you be as healthy as you want to be, not as I want you to be.
    I make sure you are fully informed of conditions, options, and consequences, and totally support YOUR choice(s).
  • I believe that non-judgment is necessary to helping people, and a key to open communication.
    I try using descriptive terms that help understanding and promote dialogue – no lectures, no judgment.
  • I believe in consistency.
    I try to practice my beliefs without compromise, my actions without hypocrisy.
  • I believe in honesty.
    I try to speak and act with sincerity, forthrightness, and completeness.
  • I believe in trust.
    I try to behave with reliability and dependability, that others may have confidence in my words and actions.
  • I believe in fairness.
    I try to make decisions based on adequate information – knowledge, intuition, feeling.
  • I believe in personal responsibility.
    I try to act in a way that does not delegate or assign to others without their mutual agreement that for which I am accountable.