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Transferring Recordsclick here.

Email  office@drbunn.com (to send email with personal health information please use the HIPAA secure communication, click here).
No appointments or cancellations via email. If you have questions about insurance plans or coverage, please call Pat or Mariela.


Topics appropriate for email vs. a face-to-face visit include those subjects which are not time sensitive or emergency situations. If you are faced with an emergency, make an appointment with your appropriate healthcare provider or go directly to the emergency room instead of asking for advice via email. Consultations and second opinions are not provided via email since direct examination is absolutely necessary to evaluate any condition accurately.


Health History
You can save yourself some time by clicking on the link(s) below, to print the health history, filling it out and bringing it with you to our office: Adult Health HistoryChild Health History.

Cancelling Appointments
We exclusively reserve time for each person and if you must cancel an appointment a 24 hour notice is appreciated. If you are unable to keep an appointment without notice there is a $50 broken appointment fee.